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Submit your site to 1,000,000 Search Engines,
Directories and Link Sites, 3 TIMES,
every 120 days for 1 year. 

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This basic marketing service is an essential first step for every Website.  We will submit your site to all the major search engines and more than 1 Million other search engines, directories and link sites 3 times, every 120 days for 1 year.  When we submit your site, our software delivers a request to the search engine to add your site to their indexes... just as submitting manually would do. As you will see on a typical search engine list that  975,000+ sites will accept your submission. What happens from that point on is beyond the control of any software or service.  

A common question from customers is when they will appear on search engines.  The simple point is that some engines will list you quickly, and others will completely ignore you.... yet others will react in months. 

One time fee - 3 Submissions, same URL to 1 Million
every 120 days for 1 year.
Results guaranteed.  Report in 72 hours

Dear YPS,
I wanted to let you know that last season using this service more than doubled my sales from the previous year. It was a very intense Christmas season here. Ask Jeeves even picked us up. I will definitely be in touch as soon as my new pages are completed. Hope you had a great year as well.
Pat Fellhauer

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Our friendly staff are happy to help you succeed.
 1,000,000 Global Submission Service
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By pressing the button above, you authorize the Yellow Pages Superhighway™ to charge your credit card above for $69.00 to submit 1 URL 3 times, every 120 days for 1 year, your Search Engine Report will be completed within 3 business days.

Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-763-1915
from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Pacific Std time, Monday through Friday.

Our friendly staff are happy to help you succeed.

We thank you for submitting your site for Search Engine Submission to the Yellow Pages Superhighway. You will receive confirmation of your submission within 72 hours.

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Small Business Package
$1800 - 10 keywords or phrases in TOP 10 placement in major search engines.  PLUS -PAID inclusion in ALL major search engines for one year $$Money Back Guarantee$$
Business Professsional 1
$2,380 30 keywords or phrases in  TOP 10 placement on major search engines. Inclusion in all major search engines for one year guaranteed  $$Money Back Guarantee$$
Business Professsional 2
$2,580 - 60  keywords or phrases in TOP 10 placement on major search engines in 180  days. PAID inclusion in ALL major search engines for one year guaranteed  $$Money Back Guarantee$$
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$5,180  -  60  keywords or phrases in TOP 10 placement  in major search engines.  PAID inclusion in ALL major search engines for one year guaranteed  $$Money Back Guarantee$$
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